What are My Creative Candle products made out of?

My Creative Candles are made from an all natural coconut wax and soy wax blend. MCC products are phthalate free.  Quality and standard is very important to MCC so, all MCC products are made with natural essential oils and natural ingredients.

What is the burn time of a My Creative Candle?

The average burn time for the 4oz candle is 30-45 hrs and for 12oz candle, 100-115 hrs.

 How can I special order a large quantity of products for a show, green room/dressing room, tour bus, studio etc.?

Send an email to info@mycreativecandle.com with your request and a reply will be given promptly.

Can I use the room spray on linens, pillow cases, clothes and etc.?

The MCC room spray is an aromatic room spray that contains natural essential oils that may stain some fabrics.  Please test first.  Use at your own discretion.

Are My Creative Candle products made in the US?

Yes, all My Creative Candle products are hand made in Los Angeles, CA USA, hand poured and crafted in small batches with optimum care and attention. 

Can I repurpose my candle jar, box or spray bottle?

Yes, you may repurpose your candle jar, box or spray bottle. MCC definitely encourages recycling and repurposing. 

Can I get a refund?

My Creative Candle does not give refunds.  However, if you are not satisfied please email support@mycreativecandle.com so that we can make it right for you.  You are important and we value your business.  



Customer care: support@mycreativecandle.com

Special Orders: info@mycreativecandle.com

Press: press@mycreativecandle.com